Work together from anywhere with Confluence Mobile

Stay on top of the latest with your team and move work forward – straight from your device 

Confluence cloud mobile app

If you have a Confluence account hosted by Atlassian, download the app and start working with your team from wherever you are today. 


Confluence server mobile app

If you have a downloadable version of Confluence, which your system administrator has installed on your organization's hardware, head to our documentation page to set up your instance. Then, download the app.



Stay on top of the latest developments with your team, capture a great idea on the go, and move work forward-wherever you happen to be


Whether you're at a conference or sitting in a meeting, Confluence lets you jot down ideas or edit existing pages from your device. 





轻松访问最近处理过的内容、在 Confluence 内或在特定领域内搜索页面,或者使用 Confluence Pages for Today 小工具轻松做好会议筹备工作。 




推送通知,您只需轻轻一触即可处理最重要的工作。出现新页面,被 @ 或收到评论、任务、点赞和页面分享时,您会立即收到通知。您也可以对通知进行个性化设置,只接收对您来说最重要的内容。

New to Confluence?

The Confluence Cloud mobile app requires an existing Confluence account, hosted by Atlassian. If you don't have one yet, begin a free trial now.