Microsoft Azure + Atlassian

Deploy Data Center on Azure for instant scalability, quick setup, and painless administration 

Get started with an Atlassian template purpose-built for Azure Resource Manager

Instantly scale with Microsoft Azure

 Deploy quickly and scale effortlessly on trusted infrastructure 


Deploy in Azure with the Atlassian template for Azure Resource Manager. Use the template as an example and starting block for your production deployment or to spin up a test environment with basic data.

Trusted infrastructure

Customize and maintain full control of your Azure environment to meet the needs of your organization. Use the supported Azure SQL Database to get extended services like automatic backups, geo-replication and encryption. 

Added support

Find the best resource to fit your needs.

  • For additional information check out our Azure documentation
  • For hands on help getting started, talk to a certified Solution Partner in your area.
  • Atlassian and Microsoft support teams are here to help if something goes wrong with your Jira instance or Azure Configuration. Simply fill out a support ticket and we'll escalate it to the right team. 

Atlassian Data Center

The Data Center deployment option is designed for running mission-critical Atlassian applications in your own data center.